Living with a Midian Mindset

Many people start their careers with high hopes, plans, and dreams – only to see them dashed by the forces of life itself.

Busyness takes over, responsibilities and pressures mount, we make some bad choices, and sometimes things just happen and we never felt we even had a choice.

Life was no different for the biblical character Moses. He was given a life of privilege, position, and power – only to blow it all in the heat of a moment.

Forced to flee the palace life he had known for 40 years, Moses found himself tending sheep in the land of Midian. But he was changed by his days in Midian.

He learned to stop running from his past, to not be pressured by his future, and ultimately left there prepared to step into the biggest job of his life – the one he was born to do.

The Midian Mindset is a message of identity, purpose, and hope for us all. We learn what Moses discovered in the land of Midian. We learn to use our life experiences as training and preparation to step into our own destiny – knowing that it’s never too late, and that our best days of impact are likely still ahead of us – not behind us.