Engaging, equipping, and empowering leaders is Ron’s passion.  His full and half-day workshops help leaders and their teams live, lead, and work with greater focus and effectiveness.

I’ve had a few conversations today about the workshop and about ways we can use the information learned to grow as leaders.  Thanks for presenting it in a way that we can put it into practice.  I love the relate-able stories.

…build trust & loyalty while improving focus & effectiveness

Fusion Workshop

Best Audience: Faith-friendly

In addition to the principles presented in the Integrated Leadership workshop, Fusion is designed to go deeper into the intersection of faith and business – bringing together all elements of one’s work, life, and faith.  

Watch the interview for a recent Fusion workshop to learn more.

Integrated Leadership Workshop

Best Audience: Corporate, Small Business, & Associations

This workshop uses a curriculum designed to create teams of high performing leaders all committed to a common vision without compromising their own ambitions.

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